Christian Heim
Viol - Violone - Recorders


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Curriculum Vitae

Christian Heim (viol, violone and recorder) grew up in Pinzgau near Salzburg, where, surrounded by age-old traditions, he soon developed a fascination with historical lives and cultures. His interest in early music was a natural consequence: he studied recorder as well as cello at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, which led him to discover the viola da gamba, the instrument he ultimately studied with Hille Perl at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. Since then, he continues to play all the instruments of the recorder and gamba families and has appeared as a soloist as well as in chamber music and orchestral ensembles such as Les Amis de Philippe (Ludger Remy), the Frankfurt Opera (Andrea Marcon), Orlando di Lasso Ensemble, Sirius Viols (Hille Perl), Ensemble Weser-Renaissance (Manfred Cordes) and the RIAS Kammerchor. One of the most exciting aspects of his career remains, however, the moment of discovery when unknown or long-forgotten music ordered from a library arrives and, with no preconceptions, may finally be played!